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Are there changing rooms on-site?

This depends on our meeting point. In general there are no changing rooms that’s why you should arrive fully changed. Exception: Sportanlage Brand (but only for the Wednesday & Saturday morning training).


Do I need special clothes/equipment?

Sports clothes and running shoes are perfectly fine. Of course, your clothes should be weatherproof (rain jacket, gloves/cap in winter, sun protection in summer). Special equipment is not required.


Does the training take place no matter the weather conditions?

Yes! But we will adapt the work-out to the weather conditions (e.g. no exercises on the ground when it’s very cold). In case of dangerous weather conditions (storm, hail, thunderstorms) the training will be cancelled.


How can I sign in for sessions respectively cancel them again?

By clicking on the „book-now“-buttons on the homepage. You will be re-directed to an external booking site ( By registering once, you can book sessions or you can buy your credits.


Cancellation of booked sessions is also possible on the sportsnow-site, in your account under My account > my lessons > cancel


Can I sign in or cancel a session on short notice?

You can book or cancel a training up to 6 hours before the session starts.

Ist der Einstieg in den Kurs jederzeit möglich?



Can I start at any time?


How do I pay for my booked lessons?

You will receive an invoice per e-mail. 


How long are my credits valid?

One session: 1 month

6-pack and 10-pack: 6 months

20-pack: 9 months

30-pack: 12 months

Yearly subscription: 1 year


Who can join?

Women and men of every age are welcome.


Is the training suitable for all fitness levels?

The training is suitable for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced. Everybody decides about the intensity of the exercises herself/himself. Moderate running and jumping should be possible for you though. Normal mobility and a stable cardiovascular system are required.

How intense is the training?

The training is intense (and should be), but all exercises can be modified for your level so that they meet your current fitness level.


Are there any circumstances that don’t allow me to join the training?

The training is intense. Participation is always at your own risk. Under the following circumstances we don’t allow you to participate:

  • acute pain or acute injuries

  • pregnancy

  • alcohol consumption

  • untreated hypertension

  • antibiotics treatment


How does a training look like?

The trainings do vary. Sometimes we put focus on strength, sometimes we put emphasis on stamina. The following sequences, however, are always part of a training: warm-up (active mobilization), interval/circuit training, cool down. Before, in between or at the end: short running units.

Why is a training so effective?

The effectiveness results from a change of strength and stamina units. Fast sequences without major breaks push your cardiovascular system. In combination with the strength intervals  your energy consumption is increased. Since our circuit exercises are all functional movements, your complete body is challenged within one training session. High intensity exercises create a nice afterburn effect and an increased calorie consumption even for many hours after your training.

Learn more about the mechanism and the effectivity of a functional circuit in my blog.


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